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The ultimate aim of business organizations is to garner more customers, increase revenues and profits and earn handsome returns. But they are often caught up in a dilemma when it comes to accomplishing their objectives, thereby landing up in a pool of dissatisfactory results and lower profits. And yes you have guessed it right, the culprit is poor marketing and promotional activities!

In this highly competitive business environment, organizations need to invest in research & development, product upgradation and comprehensive innovative channels to support their business requirements. The need of the hour is to design effective marketing, sales and service solutions. This enables organizations to deliver quality output fetching desirable results in terms of higher revenues, profits and returns.

Our business consulting service is a one stop shop for all your requirements! By leveraging on our expertise, we offer the best global business development and transformation solutions. We help you increase your market share by offering top-class:

Research & Analysis

  • Target Market Survey
  • Competition Analysis
  • SWOT Analysis

Market research is as important to a business as blood is to life! The consequences of skipping market research are many; the most direct and prominent one is depleting cash reserves as you lose out huge amounts of money. Concrete, strategic and meaningful market research empowers you to assess all possible risks, identify the best opportunities and earn attractive returns on them. We enable you to ascertain the exact size and growth of a new market before you make inroads into it. We help you estimate the size of the addressable market for your business, without you needing to undertake costly and time-consuming efforts.

Our market research solutions enable you to determine which new markets:

  • Showcase long-term growth potential
  • Depict a competitive void that your company can bridge and
  • Requirement of your company's product / service

Availability of such valuable information equips you with a much greater probability of success. You can be sure of what to expect and formulate suitable plans accordingly, thereby cutting down risks and increasing your business opportunities.

We have a proven track record of researching new markets. Our market research solutions are designed in a way that will:

  • Identify promising markets
  • Forecast future growth for these markets
  • Identify chief competitors
  • Identify avenues for penetrating a new market
  • Recognize challenges to manage
  • Draft a final report and brief you and your executive team

Global Business Development

Our expertise in building business models and templates enables you to accomplish your business goals. We assist you with:

  • Designing : GTM Strategy-Online & Offline
  • Brand Image Building, Online Reputation Management
  • Product Launch
  • Marketing & Sales- Collateral Development
  • Developing Efficient Sales Force
  • Inside Sales Support
  • Monitor, Motivate & Guide Field Sales team to improve their performance
  • Sales staff training, team building & Incentive Schemes
  • Effective MIS with Management Dashboards & Audit of the activity

India Representation

  • A perfect distribution system and an impeccable marketing system are a must for selling products and services.
  • We design tailor-made channels and programs that will effectively communicate your products' to a maximum number of clients and prospects.
  • Our customized marketing solutions guarantee that your message is consistently and continuously communicated to all your prospects and clients, irrespective of the size and capabilities of your sales personnel.
  • We create comprehensive distribution networks that continually boost your sales, profits and reputation.
  • We partner with foreign companies to bring their commercial success in India, by establishing effective distribution network of:
    • Franchise
    • Importers
    • Resellers
    • Distributors
    • Stockiest
    • Agents
  • We team up with Indian companies as well, which seek expansion in both global as well as Indian markets to strengthen their existing network to create all new base of:
    • Distributors
    • Dealers
    • C&F agents
    • Stockiest
    • Selling agents
    • Direct Marketers
  • We also conduct product sourcing for overseas & Indian Buyers by offering comprehensive consultancy and business transformation services to represent our potential buyers for procuring the right product.
    Our dedicated and talented consultants offer:
    • Allocation of appropriate manufacturers/suppliers
    • Examination of manufacturer/supplier capabilities to offer the most suitable product to buyers. We visit every short-listed manufacturer/supplier for verifying their capabilities
    • Inspection of material/consignment during manufacturing process until dispatch, to ensure quality
    • We negotiate with manufacturer/supplier to get best quotes and rates for buyers