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We offer end-to-end IT and software services and products that range from web-designing, web development and SEO services to SAAS software services. We also provide industry specific solutions and cater to customized requirements.

Banking & Financial Services Solutions

Loan Originating System (LOS)

A complex task like loan management is still done manually in most co-operative banks. To address this issue, we have designed and developed systems that can enable bankers to access complete information about loan application forms coming to branches on a daily basis, even if you are sitting in the head office.

Likewise, through our Recovery Management System, you can avail complete information from the date the account is declared as NPA to the date when the recovery is made. The product covers the entire life cycle of a loan transaction right from product definition, application processing, documentation, disbursement, tracking of repayment and final settlement.

The system significantly cuts down customer acquisition costs, servicing, marketing, and communication costs and substantially enhances spreads for the banks. The module supports the requirements of different types of retail and corporate loans like personal loans, home loans, education loans, vehicle Loan and bill discounting.

Retail Stores ERP: Manage your stores Online & also on Mobile/Tablet

Our Retail ERP suite offers comprehensive web-based accounting and business management solutions and to access these, you merely require a web-browser and a PDF reader!

It is packed with features suitable for varied businesses including retail, distributed businesses, wholesale & distribution and manufacturing businesses like stationary & general stores, departmental stores, gift Stores, jeweler stores, cloth shops, chemist etc.


  • Order Entry
  • Taxes
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Inventory
  • Purchasing
  • Accounts Payable
  • Bank
  • General Ledger
  • Manufacturing
  • Contract Costing
  • Fixed Assets
  • Data Security

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Logistic Solution: Product Allocation & Transport Optimization System

Even today, product allocation in most SMEs is done manually using excel, tally etc. To cater to this requirement, we have designed software that can easily allocate products from central warehouse to different regions all over India. Our fully integrated allocation system empowers you to allocate/distribute products from central warehouse to all over India in a single database-driven, enterprise-level package. The system curtails data entry and puts your risk management tools in a single, user-friendly application.

Our transport optimization module enables you to dispatch allocated products from central warehouse to all carry and forward agent (CFA) locations. Optimization can be done for various types of transport modes. This module is suitable for various types of loads (4.5 tons, 9 tons, 18 tons etc.) For transport optimization, our module takes into account truck load, total volume of shipment, transit time (standard days from central warehouse to all CFA locations) and cost of transport.

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SME Solutions

Web Development: Website Design, Development, Maintenance, Hosting services

Our web consultancy services suite covers all facets of web development like high graphic designing to back-end database programming. Our proven track record and time-tested solutions yield best output. We have successfully handled numerous offshore web design and software development projects for global clients based in the US, Canada, Africa, Europe, UK, India, New Zealand, Japan & the Middle East. We ensure cost benefits and also help you to cut down your production costs, without compromising on speed or quality.

We specialize in the following languages and tools:

  • Web Technology : ASP,, PHP, XML, COM, DHTML, MTS, IIS, Site Server
  • Web Tools: Dreamweaver, Fireworks
  • Designing Tools: Macromedia Flash & Director, Adobe Photoshop, Gif Animator etc
  • Databases : SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, MS Access
  • RAD Tools : Visual Studio 6.0, Visual Studio.NET

Our solutions are the most cost-effective and our Web & Software Solutions include.

  • Website Designing
  • Website Maintenance/Hosting
  • E-Commerce: Shopping Cart - We provide fastest PHP based e-commerce shopping cart.

These days it is imperative for all organizations to market their product online as users first surf the net to check for a particular service or product. The online route is preferred to distribute timely information, promote business, sell a product or service, or just as a place for company websites. We can effectively assist you to accomplish the intended task and reach the intended audience.

Be it a traditional website design or dynamic interactive web-applications, we can assist you in implementing a result-yielding corporate internet strategy. We will help you make informed decisions that will boost your business and / or personal presence on the web and allow your web venture to multiply fast with our latest web services and technology.


Being professional SEO providers, we enable our clients to remain ahead of their competitors by helping them attain the top rankings on major search engines. This in turn helps them to get maximum traffic on their websites. So even a company with restricted marketing budget can earn high ROI by using our cost-effective SEO services!

Customer Relationship Management

Our CRM applications equip you with a single system of transparency for managing customer interactions across different lines of business. It offers the following advantages:

  • Quality and efficiency
  • Savings in overall operational costs
  • Decision making support
  • Enterprise agility
  • Customer Attention
  • Technological edge
  • Scalability
  • Security
  • User friendly
Easy Administration
  • Pre-built dashboards, which can be customized if required. They provide real-time information about business performance
  • Access Control feature enables certain information to be shared or restricted based on user credentials
  • Allows you to bulk import existing customer data etc
Customer Relationship Management
  • Account creation and management, with multiple contacts associated with each account
  • Allow you to track detailed activity history of meetings, calls, tasks, notes with option for file attachments and emails for each contact, account, lead, opportunity and case
  • Generate more sales by managing sales opportunities effectively - Manage your leads and sales prospects throughout the sales cycle
Track Sales Opportunities
  • Track crucial information like the status of your sales opportunities, revenue potential, probability of closing, and expected close date so that you can project your sales
  • Sort and filter your contacts and sales opportunities with views that enable you to see only the most relevant information
  • Incorporate product / service and price information related to your opportunities, that will help you to identify potential revenue streams and product / service demand
Sales Force Automation
  • Dashboard-The Dashboard provides a single-view of the important statistics regarding sales performance including: Pipeline by sales stage, Pipeline by month & Opportunity by outcome, and opportunity by sales stage
  • Summary view of upcoming appointments, top opportunities, open cases, leads, open tasks, sales pipeline graph, monthly calendar, and a quick contact entry facility
  • Sales lead creation and tracking, and conversion of sales leads into opportunities
  • Graphical dashboard display of opportunities pipeline, lead sources and outcomes
Customer Service Tracking
  • A case management system that allows users to track customer problems and resolutions. Allows each problem to have a lifecycle of information to help improve customer satisfaction
  • Each case links to the related account, contacts, notes, associated files, plus call and meeting activity history
Advanced Reporting
  • Informative, preformatted reports track the status of sales efforts, help you prioritize sales tasks, and can offer insight into your business
  • Run customized reports to quickly filter and summarize information about your business contacts and opportunities
Corporate Calendar
  • Calendar view (by day, week, month or year) of all corporate activities, with an associated task list
  • Shared calendar for viewing other users' calendars to help to avoid scheduling conflicts
Work Flow & Contract Management
  • Control how information moves through your business more efficiently
  • Tasks may be assigned to users, with the option to have automatic email notifications sent to advise users of new tasks or leads requiring action or follow-up
  • Log contract start and end dates, and create workflow to make a task appear prior to a contract expiry
Manage Customer Information
  • Organize and access all of your prospect and customer information in one central place
  • Automatically associate incoming and outgoing email messages and appointments with your accounts, business contacts, or business opportunities so you can easily find them later
  • Link tasks, notes, phone logs, and files to your accounts, business contacts, or sales opportunities so you can retrieve them quickly
Create Quotes & Invoice
  • Create a product or item list within CRM to generate quotes for your products and/or services
  • Convert Opportunity records into PDF quotes and invoices that can then be emailed to the account contact
  • Import price lists so you can have the most current product information for your quotes
Share Customer Information with Co-Workers
  • Share your customer information across your business with designated co-workers (for example, the business owner, another sales person, the administrative assistant, or a customer service person)
  • Provides managers with a comprehensive view of customer information and sales opportunities across the company and assists co-workers to fill in for each other
  • Help your sales leads easily see who is working on what and what stage in the sales process each account is in
Email Campaign Management
  • Compose HTML emails and send them to selected records from within CRM
  • Any email campaigns sent are automatically assigned to the account record, enabling you to track each customer's exposure to your different communications and campaigns over time

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Hospital Management

Our Hospital Management System automates hospital management process. It is specially designed for general hospitals / clinics and enables them to achieve higher efficiency. Our management tools computerize patients' record, details of drug information and various medical services systematically.

This software offers exhaustive solution for hospital management and related services. This system provides the following features:

  • Patient Demographics
  • Patient Scheduling
  • Patient Admitting
  • Prescriptions
  • Medical Billing
  • Clinical Decision Rules
  • Patient Portal
  • Reports
  • Security