BFSI-Banking, Financial Services and Insurance

The raging pandemic of COVID 19 has transformed banking into a new unknown scenario. What banking previously was, to visit the bank for updating your passbook, to apply for the loan or any interaction is a mediaeval thing. Today, all the interactions with customers are dynamic, timesaving and online for most of the part.

Imperative with its vast knowledge and an array of awesome products and services specially tailored for banking, offers the relief.It frees the client from the pain of how to move into this new world of customer satisfaction

Imperative have developed products and is executing various projects for banks. We are using the an methodology for making the processing time and cost, efficient. We present ourselves as not just an outsourcing company for solving some tasks. We don’t just sell hours of work, performed by our team members. Instead, you can get the best banking practices and processes with Imperative.

Below are the examples of trends in banking: -

  • Interaction Channels - Mobile, Web, Digital Assistance, Chat bots, and much more
  • Huge Shift to Digital Banking - Buying services and solutions will not require face-to-face interaction with bank officials.
  • Artificial intelligence - Data science and machine learning will increase the revenue of the banks.
  • Digitization - Digitization is the future of banks. There will be no branches, no offices, and no extra financial software development cost for their maintenance.
  • Software development - Improved code quality and stack choice for processing massive blocks of data.

Imperative, with its eye on the future vision has identified this and is working on the same.

Imperative Business Ventures is currently playing a vital role in digital transformation & business process Re-engineering for leading banks & NBFCs in India i.e IndusInd Bank Ltd, IDFC First Bank Ltd, Fedbank Financial Services Ltd etc. We are also in discussion with some of the co-operative banks for proof of concept, regarding their digital transformation & process automation.

Following are the key flagship products and IP of Imperative Business Ventures Pvt Ltd: -

  • ImperaAFMS - Web Based Document & Workflow
  • ImperaBOT - Data Extraction OCR using AI, with integrated RPA, Aadhar Masking, Face Recognition
  • Finbo & Finbo+ - Phygital CAF processing platform, Client Server, Web & Mobile App
  • ImperaAIO - All in One: Integrated Messaging and Communication Automation Platform
  • Cloud – Simple & Powerful Personal Cloud
  • Live – Video Conferencing Platform
  • in – Digital Onboarding, Video KYC Platform

Retail & E Commerce

Online retail is a form of electronic commerce, which allows consumers to directly buy goods and services from seller, over the internet using web browser. We empower customers. Dynamic competitive landscape, new engagement models, fragmentation in the industry, and an evolving technology landscape have created turbulent conditions for all players. Our technological and retail expertise is to gain agility and reimage shopping journey of the customer through advance technology in term of Designs, Analytics, System Integration, Product Engineering & Artificial Intelligence. We are always trying to provide innovative e-commerce platforms that allow buyers and sellers to experience new technology, new features, new options, and a user friendly flow.

Imperative IT Services and solutions for retail and e-commerce capabilities can boost customer satisfaction. We enable buyers and sellers to streamline the operations with our advanced technologies. Imperative’s digital solution can improve your competitive stance, and enhance retail business operations.

Team Imperative has developed and launched its own e-commerce portal called 'Aatmasanman'. It will be a one stop solution for all daily needs, where we plan to give all our local vendors a platform to showcase their products as well as provide an opportunity to all Women to be  Entrepreneurs.

Aatmasanman is a multi seller and a multi vendor e-commerce platform, which, at its core wants to further empower women entrepreneurs alongside boosting the 'Vocal for Local' initiative.

We offer the following e-commerce solutions :-

  • E-commerce Consultation
  • E-commerce Website Development
  • E-commerce Web Hosting
  • System Integration
  • Support and training
  • E-commerce Marketing

Media & Entertainment

Imperative’s advanced, unique and cutting-edge solutions help media houses, new age media companies to drive towards profitability. Our Media & Entertainment products and solutions enable customer to choose multiple variety of media and entertainment contents, accessible over multiple devices, and seek interactive engagement and experience with their favorite content, artists, networks and brands. Our solutions are integrated and the analytical views help to take business decisions, drive  higher conversions, customer retention, and higher returns on marketing investments.

Media and Entertainment industry has been facing unpredictive levels of disruption for over a decade, and is still changing rapidly in terms of customer behavior, and their expectations, technology transformation, and delivery.

OTT streaming platforms are perceived as a threat to the satellite broadcasting industry, as the increased adoption of linear OTT services is driving cord cutting. Mobile phones, the most preferred medium to watch OTT platforms, versus TV, or a tablet due to its convenience and rock bottom mobile data prices. OTT is a cost-effective media streaming platform, has great content, and one can access thousands of TV series, documentaries, and movies. A user can watch anytime they want. OTT is the need of the hour.

Team Imperative developed its own OTT, and is available in white label model. Below mentioned are some of our key highlights:

  • While Label Platform
  • Mobile, Web & TV App
  • Social Media Integration
  • Completely customizable
  • Variety of Monetization models
  • Multi language content


Imperative helps telecommunication companies to adapt to today's business challenges and tomorrow's opportunities. Imperative has developed TelBO, based on the challenges faced by the telecommunications industry nowadays. TelBO is the advanced web-based customer onboarding & KYC verification for telecom sector.


Imperative offers automation solutions for logistic processes. The company has specialized digital transformation solutions, for logistics sector, related to Back Office administration and automations. Imperative has ready to deploy products with RPA enable to start the automation journey immediately for logistics industries. Imperative has developed LogiBO, which is a web-based customer onboarding solution for logistics industry, with real time status, notifications, analytics dashboards and customized reports. Impera VTS (Vehicle Tracking System) is helping logistics verticals to make logistics simpler and easier with end to end vehicle tracking.

Travel & Hospitality

Imperative’s travel consultants have worked in different avenues of Travel & Tourism, and have created successful business models in this lively domain. We, at Imperative, provide consulting for passengers, tour operators, and a modern web-based hotel management system. We ensure that you reap maximum benefits and avoid pitfalls that can result from inconsistent or misinformed decisions, with our wide range of experienced travel consultants.

Imperative has successfully implemented these travel consulting solutions at :

  • SS Travels, which is a Veena World preferred sales partners dealing in domestic and international tours.
  • Sanjay Tours & Travels deals with Reservations through YTSK (Yatri Ticket Suvidha Kendra).

Our standardized hotel management process radically enhances the quality of guest handling and accounting. Since the licensing for the software is very affordable, it can be used even by small family-owned hotels, as well as large hotel chains. This system provides the following features:

  • Maintain Prices
  • Creates Rules
  • Point of Sale
  • Reports
  • Reservations
  • Maintain Expenses
  • Maintain Client
  • Data Security
  • Day/Week/Month wise Reservation

Health Care

Imperative enables customers to deploy and manage digital health care solutions as well as maintain end-to-end case management records, enabling them in their journey towards digital transformation.

Imperative's health care solutions, cover end-to-end health care cycle. beginning from doctor's appointment scheduling, self check-in, remote consultation, data ingestion, medic aid, testing requests, patient enrolment, tab-based centralized patient statistics management, case management, expense management, account settlement, billing, patient discharge, claims management, record auditing, to workflow management. Our objective is enabling institutional customers to reduce costs through automation, and pass on the savings to patients.

Considering challenges of doctors and patients, and the current demand of Virtual Health Care, we, Team Imperative have come up with a Digital Health Care solution called SmartConsult. It refers to the use of technology, including telephones, video, mobile apps, text-based messaging, and other communication platforms for the delivery of health services to a patient, outside of a health care system.

SmartConsult is making a very positive contribution to the health care industry. Doctors are able to utilize time more effectively with faster interaction, ensuring security to their lives.

SmartConsult is a practice to treat patients who are located in remote places, far away from local health facilities or in areas with shortage of medical professionals. SmartConsult is definitely bridging the gap between people and health care systems globally.

SmartConsult can increase efficiency of care delivery and reduce expenses of caring for patients, with no need of transporting the patients to hospitals.

Highlights of SmartConsult are: -

  • Best of medical consultation to most distant patients.
  • Saves time, that may save lives
  • Health records
  • Prescription
  • Set up your Payment Gateway               
  • Virtual Treatment
  • Improves Patient outcome
  • Facilitate Global Collaboration

SmartConsult - Online Patient Doctor Consultation platform provides a technology platform for Doctors and Patients to interact virtually, and seek quick consultation anywhere.

Components of SmartConsult are: -

  • Administrative Solutions
  • Doctor Solutions
  • Patients Solutions
  • E-Prescription Solutions
  • E-Billing Solutions
  • SMS Solutions

Process of SmartConsult

  • Patient requests for SmartConsult
  • SmartConsult scheduled
  • Patient completes online form
  • Doctor reviews patient's online form
  • Online, real-time SmartConsult
  • Consult outcome/treatment
  • Electronic billing for consultation

Education Management

The best part of virtual education is that it allows students and parents to go through proper counselling, to know what will work best for each student as per their capabilities. Customized education can bring out the best in each student as it helps to ignite the willingness to learn. Besides, the flexibility that is allowed to students in virtual schooling, is what attracts more and more parents. The reason is the fact that it facilitates students to learn, and not mere learning that is forced at a particular time. It has been proved through research, that students tend to learn more when it is convenient to them, rather than making studies a mere everyday fixed routine. Now, if we think beyond the student’s point of view, we can also find how virtual education is a great boon to the environment as well. Just think of how many trees you are saving by reducing the use of paper. The amount of paper you need while attending a classroom lecture is huge and most of the paper used always ends up in the dustbin. Virtual education does help you save the environment and keep your data safe in your computer.

All institutions, whether large or small, are focusing on scrapping traditional processes by adopting a technological approach towards education, by streamlining education processes and strengthening bonds within various groups like Students, Teachers, Parents, and Management. To bring this into action, Imperative Business Ventures Pvt. Ltd. provides various ERP and Mobile Learning Solutions.

Imperative’s EduERP Solution is equipped with state-of-the-art architecture and technology, offers Administrative, Interactive and various Miscellaneous features which includes:

Administrative Features:

  • Student Record Management
  • Attendance Management
  • Stock Management
  • Health
  • Teacher Profile Management
  • Library Management
  • Student/Teacher Identity Card Management System
  • Integration with Payment Gateway
  • Academic Records Management
  • Fees Management
  • Payroll Management
  • Hostel Management
  • Comprehensive Reporting System
  • Vehicle Management System
  • Integration with Bar Code, Smart Card and Bio metrics

Interactive Features:

  • News Management System
  • Notice Board Management System
  • Discussion Forums / Export Forums
  • Online Examination System
  • Web-based E-mail System
  • Article Management System
  • Poll Management System
  • Internal Messaging System
  • SMS Alert System
  • Virtual Mail Server


Miscellaneous Features:

  • Dynamic Right Allotment System
  • E-mail Broadcasting
  • Guest Book Management System
  • Recruitment Management System
  • HTML Enhanced E-Letterhead System
  • Alumni Interaction & Management System
  • Comprehensive Reporting System

Mobile Learning:

Mobile Learning (M-Learning) is a technique that uses mobile and wireless technologies for learning and education. M-Learning enables learners to merge their learning experiences in a shared collaborative environment. Imperative’s convenient and easy m-learning services cater to the following domains:

  • Health Care - Tablet based-Patient-Education Awareness Series
  • School Based Curriculum - State Board, CBSE, ICSE

Imperative introduced E-Learning platform considering challenges of students, teachers, and the current COVID19 scenario i.e Imperative.Guru. Imperative.Guru is a personalized learning platform for students and teachers which has other advanced features, other than learning i.e Attendance, Storage of Personal Certificates & Awards, Survey, Feedback, and Suggestions.

Food & Beverages

Our expert consultants in the Food & Beverage Industry help clients in setting up a fully functional food & beverage business. They have extensive experience in developing, launching and supporting many national and international food & beverage brands. We provide end - to - end consulting service, from sourcing of raw material to testing and manufacturing of the product.

Imperative provides following customized product development solutions and technical guidance for the foods & beverages industry :

  • Product design and development as per brief/ specific needs/ competition mapping for food and beverage product.
  • Designing the process flow, setting up parameters (time/ temperature/ pressure/ others), for any unit operation or process in the Food & Beverage industry.
  • Conducting scale - up trials at third party unit to ensure, we can get same product (as lab sample), including necessary changes in operations.
  • Setting an overall process and protocol to ensure we get a consistent product.
  • Conducting shelf - life testing of the product.
  • Label development as per regulatory compliance (FSSAI).
  • Documentation for raw materials, finished goods, SoP for manufacturing and others.
  • Setting up the system, process and documentation for any packaged products and Quick Service Restaurants (QSR).

Imperative Business Ventures Private Limited Ventured into packaged atta with brand name called Sanman . The idea is to offer healthy and quality food products for every family. furthermore these products gets manufactured in highly hygienic conditions and team ensures quality products right from sourcing of material to packaging & delivery. Products grinded with fortified nutraceuticals ingredients and dietary supplements to enrich the quality .

Public Sector & Government

Imperative is helping to the various government entities for their work done in cost effective manner. The entity includes bar council of Maharashtra and goa, Vakil Search and many more.

  • Digitization - Physical documents can be convert to digital and store in secure cloud or inhouse servers. So these documents can re retrieve as and when required 
  • Workflow management - Workflow management application will be very useful to move digital files from one department to another department for decision or actioning purpose 
  • Digiboarding - Digital customer onboarding can be done through Imperative’s Digi boarding application to avoid physical interaction between customer and officer.
  • Document Management System - DMS can be very useful for government organizations where data entry of specific form, storage, archival & retrieval.
  • Resources Placement – Placement of resources can be done at client place. this will enable to work the resources as per the way 
  • Validation & verification of documents with customer: Document validation can be done through calling to the customer or by visiting various public websites 
  • Secured cloud document storage –  Imperative have its own secured cloud storage platform. it’s very easy to store, view & download high size files & share to others through links with password protected.
the means to engage citizens, government agencies, businesses and NGOs and deliver services to them in a cost effective manner. We use our

We use our wide partnerships to simplify digital technology (core infrastructure and applications) to create innovative e-governance models. Governments across the world have deployed our expertise in areas such as public safety, transport, smart cities and digital governance for efficiency and scalable services.