Imperative Business Ventures Pvt. Ltd., helps Indian & Overseas Organizations to improve their Market Share and Profitability by offering various Consulting Services like Market Research & Analysis, Go-To-Market Strategies, Global Business Development, Management Consulting Services, Innovative Technology Solutions & Automation. We provide these services across various industrial domains like Banking, Financial Services, Insurance, Telecom, Legal, Retail, Logistics, Government, Food and Beverages, Travel and Hospitality, Renewable Energy, Education Management, Healthcare, Ecommerce, Entertainment and Real Estate.

Food and Beverages

Our expert consultants in the Food & Beverages Industry help clients in setting up a fully functional business. They have an extensive experience in developing, launching and supporting a number of National and International F & B brands. We provide end-to-end consulting service, from sourcing of raw material to testing and manufacturing of the product. 

Imperative provides the following customized product development solutions and technical guidance for the foods & beverages industry :
  • Product design and development as per brief/ specific needs/ competition mapping for food and beverage product.
  • Designing the process flow, setting up parameters (time/ temperature/ pressure/ others), for any unit operation or process in the F & B industry.
  • Conducting scale-up trials at third party unit to ensure that we can get the same product (as lab sample), including necessary changes in operations.
  • Setting an overall process and protocol to ensure we get a consistent product.
  • Conducting shelf life testing of the product.
  • Label development as per FSSAI  regulatory compliance.
  • Documentation for raw materials, finished goods, SoP for manufacturing and others.
  • Setting up the system, process and documentation for any packaged products and Quick Service Restaurants (QSR).

Renewable Energy

Imperative Solar is the SBU of Imperative Business Ventures Pvt. Ltd. A privately held, world-class, vertically integrated, end to end solar energy production & services company. From the manufacturing of top quality solar panels to delivering complete Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) solutions of kW to large MW size power plants, Imperative Solar has worked towards exceeding customer satisfaction in terms of quality of the product and services. 

Imperative Solar Offers:
  • Manufacturing & Distribution of High Quality Solar Panels.
  • Turnkey EPC solutions.
  • World Class Customer Service and Support.
  • Consultations & Permissions.
  • Site Assessment & Solar Analysis.
  • System Design & Installation.
  • Imperative Solar provides end to end solutions to large scale solar plants, roof top systems, ground mount system, telecom and rural water pumping.

Education Management

All Educational Institutions, large or small, are focusing on scrapping traditional processes by adopting a technological approach towards education, by streamlining education processes and strengthening bonds within various groups like Students, Teachers, Parents and Management. To bring this into action, Imperative Business Ventures Pvt. Ltd. provides various learning solutions.

Imperative’s learning Solution is equipped with state-of-the-art architecture and technology, offers Administrative, Interactive and various Miscellaneous features which includes:

Administrative Features:
  • Student Record Management
  • Attendance Management
  • Stock Management
  • Health
  • Teacher Profile Management
  • Library Management
  • Student/Teacher Identity Card Management System
  • Integration with Payment Gateway
  • Academic Records Management
  • Fee Management
  • Payroll Management
  • Hostel Management
  • Comprehensive Reporting System
  • Vehicle Management System
  • Integration with Bar Code, Smart Card and Bio metrics
Interactive Features:
  • News Management System
  • Notice Board Management System
  • Discussion Forums / Export Forums
  • Online Examination System
  • Web-based E-mail System
  • Article Management System
  • Poll Management System
  • Internal Messaging System
  • SMS Alert System
  • Virtual Mail Server
Miscellaneous Features:
  • Dynamic Right Allotment System
  • E-mail Broadcasting
  • Guest Book Management System
  • Recruitment Management System
  • HTML Enhanced E-Letterhead System
  • Alumni Interaction & Management System
  • Comprehensive Reporting System
Mobile Learning:
M-Learning is a technique that uses mobile and wireless technologies for educational purposes. M-Learning enables learners to merge their learning experiences in a shared collaborative environment. Imperative’s convenient and easy M-Learning services cater to the following domains:
  • Health Care: Tablet based-Patient-Education Awareness Series
  • School Based Curriculum - State Board, CBSE, ICSE

Travel & Hospitality

Imperative’s travel consultants have worked in different avenues of travel and tourism and have created successful business models in this lively domain. We at Imperative, provide consulting for passengers, tour operators and modern web-based hotel management system. We ensure that you reap maximum benefits and avoid pitfalls that can result from inconsistent or misinformed decisions.

Imperative has successfully implemented these travel consulting solutions at :
  • SS Travels, which is a Veena World preferred sales partner dealing in domestic and international tours.
  • Sanjay Tours & Travels deals with Reservations through YTSK (Yatri Ticket Suvidha Kendra).
Our standardized hotel management process radically enhances the quality of guest handling and accounting. Since the licensing for the software is very affordable, it can be used even by small family-owned hotels as well as big hotel chains. This system provides the following features:
  • Maintain Prices
  • Create Rules
  • Point of Sale
  • Reports
  • Reservations
  • Maintain Expenses
  • Maintain Clients
  • Data Security
  • Day/Week/Month wise Reservation

India Representation

At Imperative, we create comprehensive distribution networks that continually boost client's sales, profits and reputation. We partner with foreign companies to bring their commercial success to India, by establishing an effective distribution network of:
  • Franchise
  • Resellers
  • Stockist
  • Importers
  • Distributors
  • Agents
We also team up with Indian companies, which seek expansion in both global and Indian markets to strengthen their existing network and to create all new base of:
  • Distributors
  • C&F agents
  • Selling agent
  • Dealers
  • Stockist
  • Direct Marketers
Imperative's dedicated and talented consultants offer:
  • Allocation of appropriate manufacturers/suppliers .
  • Examination of manufacturer/supplier capabilities to offer the most suitable product to buyers. We visit every short-listed manufacturer/supplier for verifying their capabilities.
  • Inspection of material/consignment during manufacturing process until dispatch, to ensure quality.
  • We negotiate with manufacturer/supplier to get best quotes and rates for buyers.

Market and Research Analysis

Market research is as important to a business as blood is to life. Concrete, strategic and meaningful market research empowers you to access all the possible risks, identify the best opportunities and earn attractive returns. We at Imperative, enable you to ascertain  the size of the new addressable market for your business, without you needing to undertake costly and time-consuming efforts. We have a proven track record of researching new markets. Our market research solutions are designed in a way that will:

  • Identify promising markets.
  • Forecast future growth for these markets.
  • Identify chief competitors.
  • Identify avenues for penetrating a new market.
  • Recognize challenges to manage.
  • Draft a final report and brief you and your executive team
Availability of such valuable information equips you with a greater probability of success. You can be sure of what to expect and formulate suitable plans, thereby cutting down risks and increasing your business opportunities.

Real Estate

Conceptualized with a vision of creating boutique commercial landmarks, we at Imperative specialize in providing consultation for construction of quality Commercial and Educational floors at affordable prices. We have a team of immensely skilled personnel having extensive experience in the field of Construction & Project Management. 

Our expertise covers:
  • Planning and master planning
  • Site Inspections
  • Asset review
  • Financial & Technical analysis
  • Relocation strategies?
  • Development viability/feasibility
  • Scheme formulation
  • Disposal and acquisition
  • Building surveying
  • Valuation 

Health Care Solution

Imperative's Health Care Solutions are comprehensive and AI Enabled which helps in transforming business of hospitals & clinics to higher level. Our solutions are improving Health Care through automated work process and paperless techniques which leads to higher efficiency. We have complete Health Care solutions which will fill all gaps between Patients, Nurses and Doctors. Our solutions makes hospital operations easy and simple which enable quality level of services to the patient. Our solutions allows doctors and nurses to take faster decision related to patients and ultimately result in a faster recovery from the disease.  

  • Tele healthcare
  • Hospital management system
  • Telemedicine solution

Marketing and Business Development

We offer Digital Marketing and Commerce which helps our clients with a result driven experiences. We study current market approach, market trends & customer data and insights, which enables the organizations to take the business into new milestones.

  • Market Research
  • Product analysis
  • Trend Analysis
  • Competition analysis
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Go to market planning & strategy.
  • Social media marketing
  • Portfolio Analysis
  • Project planning and management
  • Product management
  • Business Planning
  • Predictive analysis and monitoring
  • Hub and spoke development.

Software Consulting & Sales

Imperative Hospital Management System automates the Hospital Management Processes. It is specially designed for general hospitals / clinics, to help them achieve higher efficiency. Our management tools computerize patient’s records, details of drug information and various medical services, systematically. This software offers comprehensive solutions for hospital management and related services. This system provides the following features:
  • Patient Demographic
  • Patient Admitting
  • Billing
  • Patient Portal
  • Security
  • Patient Scheduling
  • Prescriptions
  • Clinical Decision Rules
  • Reports
 Logistics Solution :
Even today, product allocation in most SMEs is done manually, using excel, tally etc. To cater to this requirement, we have designed a software that can easily allocate products from central warehouse to different regions, all over India. Our fully integrated allocation system empowers you to allocate/distribute products from central warehouse to all over India in a single database-driven, enterprise-level package. The system curtails data entry and puts your risk management tools in a single, user-friendly application. Our transport optimization module enables you to dispatch the allocated products from a central warehouse to all Carry and Forward Agent (CFA) locations. Optimization can be done for various modes of transporttion.

IT Consulting - Core Banking Solution :
Banking Solutions provide a centralized on-line system where all the data related to transactions, customer data is stored and is accessible to all networked branches. At Imperative, we design, develop and test core banking softwares, which enables banks to implement their complex banking programs using standard process driven methodologies. Our core banking solutions help our clients by facilitating on-schedule implementations and providing the structure to achieve the stated business goals across sales, profitability, operational efficiency, and customer satisfaction.