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F&B Management System

Our efficient and effective travel and hospitality solutions comprise of inventory management systems, hotel management and payroll management systems, online travel technology systems, among others.

Hotel Management System

Our Hotel Management System is a modern web-based hotel management system. It is a one stop solution for reservations, check-in / check-out, billing and tax reports. The user interface is carefully designed for high speed input which helps you avoid the common mistakes. It is designed for using on multiple computers and contains reliable and secure authorization levels. Being a web-based system, the users can access it from any browser.

The standardized hotel management process radically enhances the quality of guest handling and accounting. It is easy to install and use. Since the licensing for the software is very affordable, it can be used even by small family-owned hotels as well as large chains of hotels. This system provides the following features.

  • Maintain Prices
  • Point of Sale
  • Reservation
  • Maintain Client
  • Day/Week/Month wise Reservation
  • Create Rules
  • Reports
  • Maintain Expenses
  • Data Security

Inventory Management System

Payroll Management System

Property Management System